Dr Michelle Beech-Cloete (Mtech Chiropractic, UJ) chiropractor and is the founder of Beech Tree Chiropractic.  

Dr Michelle is passionate about the restoration of spinal alignment and to bring pain relief of pain to all ages, from infancy right into golden years.

She is the dedicated paediatric chiropractor at Beech Tree Chiropractic and sees infants, babies, children, and the elderly.

She is passionate to help babies who suffer from sub-optimal feeding patterns, colicky symptoms, reflux, and inconsolable fussiness.  She did her master’s Dissertation at the University of Johannesburg on a paediatric topic in 2018/2019.

Having scoliosis herself, chiropractic convinced her first-hand of its efficacy and role in the management for this condition.  Also, to stress the importance of spinal screenings for adolescents when scoliosis many times only starts to manifest in teenage years.

Her special interests for the population who is above 50 years of age include spinal pain management, shoulder and hip conditions and degenerative cases. She not only treats spines, but also particularly enjoys treating patients with shoulder and hip conditions.

Dr Michelle’s hobbies include being a singer-songwriter, going for walks and to the gym, baking and spending quality time with her loving husband and family.

Schedule: Dr Michelle works at the Randburg practice on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  She works at Roodepoort branch on Wednesdays.


Dr Nicole Labuschagne (MSc. Chiropractic, UJ) is also a qualified and registered chiropractor.

Dr Nicole is your sports and athletics go-to practitioner.  She does everything from alignment and includes soft tissue work in her treatment regime.

She not only treats spines, but is also passionate to help people with shoulder, elbow, hip and knee conditions.

If you are a chronic pain sufferer,  struggle with headaches or optimal well-being, do not hesitate to book with her.

She is a lively person with a warm heart.  Her hobbies include going to the gym and having a good time with her friends and family.

Her special interest includes, but is not limited to: sports injuries and performance, pain management, headaches, neck pain and shoulder conditions.

Schedule: Dr Nicole Labuschagne primarily works at Roodepoort branch Mondays – Saturdays. She can see you at Randburg practice on request.


Kyle Bahr – BSc. Chiropractic (UJ) Sports Massage Therapist 

Kyle is currently pursuing his master’s degree in chiropractic and is in his 5th year of study. Thus far, he has completed his bachelor’s degree. He loves to treat patients and relieve their muscular tension.  Kyle is especially involved in the management of our patients who suffer from headaches.

He chose to be in the field of health care because he has a caring personality and always tries his best to keep people’s wellbeing in mind. He has an adventurous soul.  He loves road trips and spontaneous ideas. His personality is kind, warm hearted and welcoming, and he always prefers to look at the positive things in life. He is also always eager to learn new things, especially if it gives me a challenge. He has a tremendous love for nature and music. He loves to sing, write and compose music. He is also an A Capella and choir coach at his previous high school. Besides music, he enjoys numerous hobbies which include 3D puzzle building, die cast model car collecting, watch collecting, crochet, knitting, leather work and go karting.

Schedule: Kyle works on Saturdays at Roodepoort from 11am – 5pm.

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