Understanding the journey of TRUE RECOVERY for neck and back pain

Understanding the journey of TRUE RECOVERY for neck and back pain

We need to be more pro-active than re-active with our spinal health.

Back and neck pain can have a mechanical origin with inflammatory components, it can be due to a sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, injury or it can even have a degenerative nature. No matter what the cause- we need to treat it accordingly.

Chiropractic care can bring much pain relief, but my objective today is to address the muscular weakness and imbalance that is an additional cause of pain in 95% of my patients. I have written this blog to explain to patients in an easy-to-grasp way on practical ways to aid in their back recovery program. This is truly the answer if you are looking for more than just a quick fix for your back pain.

1. Stretch it out. Until pain is under a 3/10 pain scale. This forms part of the acute phase treatment protocol (or part of the initial phase of a chronic condition).

2. Start with light exercise. Ideally this will be done with a biokoneticist. Most bios also offer pilates group classes which are inexpensive and a wonderful tool to keep you ACCOUNTABLE. I have the gentle pilates YouTube links: start with beginners (even if you are fit) because Jessica Valant is a physical therapist that goes through the steps, such as breathing techniques and posture.

3. Start with some sort of cardiovascular exercise – depending on your condition and what is available to you: swimming, walking, running, cycling, rebound classes. The list goes on. This step needs to be easily accessible and a form of exercise that you can do three times each week. Start with shorter times and build your endurance.

4. Find out how to warm up, cool down from not only exercise, but also from your day! E.g. breathing

5. Make sure that your footwear is correct. Everything starts from the base up.

This is an advice blog only and needs to be used in conjunction with personalised primary care with your primary health care provider, such as a chiro.

Stay in good health and cease each opportunity to improve yourself!

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